QUEECLINK will provide a handy and effective solution for a wireless modular automation system that is intelligent, user-friendly, secure, and effortless to setup.


We invite you to have a look at a smart home where QUEECLINK smart solutions are incorporated. When we say it's a smart house, it doesn't mean it has to be designed and constructed in a contemporary and modern style. With the aid of our smart solutions, any property around the globe, even ancient ones, can be turned into a smart home.
The building numbered 24 is the first smart house using QUEECLINK smart solutions, and you'll discover more about the various aspects of our smart home solutions on this page. Let's start...



One of the key components to the smart home systems is the infrastructure it necessitates. Being that smart systems are being integrated into numerous projects involving older homes, it is essential for this smart system to have an infrastructure that is straightforward and uncomplicated.
In the industrial environments and large structures such as hotels or hospitals, it's possible to establish a complex infrastructure for automation systems, with experts supporting the system and infrastructure. However, when it comes to residential properties, one of our primary challenges is making homes smarter while maintaining their traditional architecture. Additionally, the intelligent system utilized in such buildings can be easily expanded or modified to meet requirements.

old protocols


Thanks to the progress of technology and the development of new, trustworthy and speedy tools for data transfer, wireless networks are superseding wired ones.
When picking a wireless communication platform for various settings, a few factors are vital to consider. These factors will assist in choosing the best network to fit your needs.
One of the most critical variances between wired and wireless networks is the straightforwardness of wireless networks when it comes to implementation. It eradicates the intricacies that come with wired networks. Other vital parameters may include:
- Reliability
- Expandability
- Data transfer speed
- Data transfer security
- Low energy consumption
- Physical range of signal coverage
- Modulation and demodulation speed
- Low error and ability to correct errors
- Unicast, multicast and broadcast capability
- The power of the antenna required to broadcast the signal in the desired space


Some of the QUEECLINK's Control Solutions for Smart Homes
light control
Light Control
curtain control
Curtain Control
Air Condition Control
tv control
TV Control
music control
Music Control
rgb light control
RGB Control
valve control
Valve Control
doorlock control
Door Lock Control
intercom control
Intercom System
smart hotel



We designed and proposed efficient solutions for controlling and managing hotels, which allow for easy and prompt response to guest requests. Furthermore, guests can conveniently access their room amenities from any location within their room.
The QUEECLINK hotel's smart system offers an additional benefit of conserving energy, as well as saving valuable time and labor resources.
Our intention in presenting this system is to provide hotel guests with a positive impression, and we are certain that it will offer them a unique and memorable experience.

face id



According to the latest developments in access control systems such as video intercom, people can be controlled through face scanning. One of the most important features of the QUEECLINK's video intercom system is the possibility of unlocking by scanning the face, tag and pin code.
On the indoor touch panels that are placed inside each unit, some features such as smart home control, sending messages through management, internal communication and many other features will be mentioned in detail in the products section.




Real-time monitoring is a unique advantage in the key decision making. This feature allows you to easily monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world and ensure your home is safe. It apprises you of your home happenings instantly and online.


The free application is designed in a completely user-friendly manner. You can simulate all your rooms in this app, and if you control the equipment manually, the feedbacks can be seen in the app. Based on your needs you can change the different parts of the app such as the names of the rooms, icons, etc.


Scenarios allow you to perform multiple actions with a command at home simultaneously. Three types of scenarios can be defined in QBOX, which based on your needs you can use. Time scenario, independent scenario, and scenario which is dependent on other conditions.


We understand our customers’ need, and our products are designed with respect to their lifestyle and comfort. No need to say, intelligence is not just a name but rather an attitude that we follow. QueecLink's R & D team is developing its hardware and software for presenting new products and features.

QUEECLINK will offer a convenient and efficient solution for a wireless modular automation system that is smart, user-friendly, secure and easy to setup.

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